Note: You may have to use hotmail connector to use the hotmail smtp. Download Hotmail Connector
If using Exchange Server, be sure to download Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack Download Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack

You're probably just looking for the settings for SMTP Hotmail. They are on this page, but read further down to find out about much better options available if you are involved in email marketing.

Servers and ports have been encrypted due to abuse (bots). You can copy them below.

SMTP Hotmail

SMTP Hotmail server:

SMTP Hotmail User: Your email address

SMTP Hotmail Pass: Your password

SMTP Hotmail Port: 587 or 25

Use TLS or SSL

Pop3 Hotmail

Pop3 Hotmail Server:

port: 995


Copy to the Clipboard:
SMTP Server
smtp hotmail
smtp hotmail
Pop3 Server
hotmail smtp
Pop3 Port



Hotmail SMTP Iphone

You may be finished here. If not, enter the following settings:

Tap 'Done'

Set 'other smtp servers' to off

Go back to your settings and tap 'advanced'

Choose the following 'Incoming" settings:

Tap 'Done'


What are the Windows Live Hotmail Exchange Server ActiveSync Settings?

ActiveSync server address:

ActiveSync domain: Nothing / don't type

User Name: Your Windows Live email address (, etc...)

Password: Your Windows Live password

TLS/SSL encryption: Yes


Hotmail SMTP Server Ipad

First, hit the ‘Mail’ icon on your background. Then go to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’. Next, go to ‘Add Account’. Then go to ‘Other’ at the bottom of the account types list. Next, hit ‘Add Mail Account’. Type in your name and Hotmail information. Use your full email address. Hit the Save button.

Standard server settings are used here.
Incoming Mail Server for Hotmail:
Outgoing Mail Server for Hotmail smtp:
Hotmail User Name should be your full email address

From ‘Settings’, hit ‘Hotmail Accounts’, go to ‘Advanced’ and set these options:
Remove: How often deleted messages are removed.
Use SSL: Set to yes.
Authentication:  Set to password
Delete from server: Decides to keep or delete emails on Hotmail severs.
Server Port: Standard ports are used here. 995 for the Hotmail pop3 server, and 587 for the Hotmail smtp server.

If these settings don’t work, try disabling SSL and setting the Hotmail smtp server to 25.



SMTP Hotmail settings are inefficient for email marketing because:

There are better options! For example:



Hotmail SMTP

To summarize, using the hotmail smtp server is not the way to go for email marketing and sending out bulk emails. If you want to use the hotmail smtp or pop3 servers for your email client, such as Outlook Express, then these setting should be ideal for you. If you are looking for information about email marketing, please consider a good service provider such as the sites listed above.



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